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24th International Conference on Primary Healthcare and Emergency Nursing, will be organized around the theme “Exploring latest advancement in Nursing and Healthcare”

Nursing Health 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Nursing Health 2020

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A primary healthcare is the first level of care that connects the individuals with a health care system. It includes interconnecting, access, inter-sectoral collaboration, community and individual self-reliance to promote health care. A regular advice given by health care provider or professional physician or general practitioner or physician assistant to its patient and patient’s family via health system. Healthcare nursing also coordinates their patient to other health specialists if needed. It includes routine check- ups, health education. Healthcare nursing is a profession by which they can supervise their patients and their families by acknowledge them about exact cause of illness, prevent them from further illness .it includes prevention, treatment, diagnose, rehabilitation, illness maintenance.


  • Track 1-1Acute care nursing
  • Track 1-2Innovative primary care
  • Track 1-3Regional primary care
  • Track 1-4Primary care Internal Medicines
  • Track 1-5Surgical resuscitation

The theoretical and practical knowledge providing to students with the purpose of prepare them to general nursing to specialised areas like mental health nursing, paediatric nursing, certified registered nurse anaesthetists (CRNAs), nurse practitioner and post operating nursing. Nursing practice is nurture by range of roles and values to provide high standards quality in health services .It is the relationship between nurse and patients based on kindness ,open communication ,understanding. Nursing care is a concern of health care for patients to attain, maintain, and rehabilitate their health. They require continuous response from patient and patient’s families or communities from assessment to evaluation. Advanced nursing practise should play a vital role as investigator, advocate, and nursing educator.



  • Track 2-1Communications and care coordination
  • Track 2-2Adult day care
  • Track 2-3In home care
  • Track 2-4Team nursing
  • Track 2-5Clinical nursing
  • Track 2-6Nurse researchers

Palliative care is primarily aim to prevent patients from life threatening chronic illness and provide relief of suffering via palliative treatment. Rehabilitation is a profession through which a patient suffering from illness would be able to live independently. It may help them either acquiring abilities which they never had or losing their abilities which they once had. Palliative care can be taken at the time of diagnosed in addition with curative treatment, if the treatment is not going helpful to patient then patient is advised to go with hospice nurse. In case of serious illness of patient that can’t be cure then person is allowed to choose to not to undergo the certain treatment but keep continuing other treatments that responding.



  • Track 3-1Comfort care
  • Track 3-2Supportive care
  • Track 3-3Nurse practitioner
  • Track 3-4Registered dietitians

A supportive care given to patients in their last stage of illness in order to provide more comfort ad relief to enjoy every single moment of their life. They do support their patient’s family help in increasing their quality time with their loved ones who are on serious condition. Exercise science specialists can help patients of any age who are unable to move and function properly due to some medical issues. Nurses worked with their patients from six months to a year or two. They ensure and educate family in a way to spend more time with their loved ones. Nurses provide peaceful, dignified deaths at their own home. A healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat the patient’s health related problems. Physical therapy includes multiple specialists like neurology, endocrinology nurse practitioner


  • Track 4-1Speech Therapy
  • Track 4-2Symptom Management
  • Track 4-3An inpatient hospice center
  • Track 4-4Physical Therapy
  • Track 4-5Occupational Therapy

Highly specialised paediatric psychology care given to new born(neonatal) baby up to adolescent when needed who were born prematurely or suffering from health problems like adolescent anxiety, adolescent behaviour. Family nursing is up to the level of family, it includes all the family members as their patients to diagnose and treat them nicely. The aim of family nursing is to get good environment to promote growth and development. Nurses ensure to provide satisfaction and self-assurance by making familial bond. The aim is to encouraging cultural literacy and family to family networking. Promote physical health and healthy emotional and psychological development in the context of family. Family nursing is also known as family centred care which is the relationship between families and health professionals. It is a practice and a formal multidisciplinary field that promotes continuous growth of family.


  • Track 5-1Family Centered Nursing
  • Track 5-2Health Care Service
  • Track 5-3Family Evaluation
  • Track 5-4Family Health

Nurses offering primary care to their women at any age who diagnosed with medical issues.  They follow entire lifespan of women to give them best. It provides health care advice, disease prevention, health promotion. WHN broadly focused on child bearing orientation and gynaecological concern. It gives their services from puberty to life long period. They deals with the many women’s disorders or health related issues by sensitivity and professionalism. Omens in their 30s and 40s are more prone to diagnosed with autoimmune disorder, multiple sclerosis and thyroid diseases. Womens in midlife are diagnose with breast cancer and pre-, peri-, post menopause and mental health is the serious concern at any age.


  • Track 6-1Women :Mental health
  • Track 6-2Women :Postmenopausal health
  • Track 6-3Auto immune disorder
  • Track 6-4Health assessment
  • Track 6-5Maternal health and child health
  • Track 6-6Endocrinology

Clinical nursing involves in helping patients to resolve also gives expertise advice to patients and their families. These nurses design, implement and evaluate the health based programs of care. Clinical management system  in coordinating the patient’s population. They work in staff nursing at leadership position and helps in making good connections between the patients and their families. Surgical nursing are the health care professionals who coordinates care for patients 24/7.These are providing care before, after and during the clinical paediatric surgery. Pre-operative includes the preparation of patient and operating room, during the surgery they help doctor to get specialised equipment using throughout the operation, and lastly , in post-operative nurses giving care and treatment.


  • Track 7-1Clinical nursing research
  • Track 7-2Advance nursing practice
  • Track 7-3Adult health
  • Track 7-4Acute care

A person with emotionally, psychologically well-being and leading a good happy healthy life considered as a man with good mental health. Mental health promotes thinking, feeling, and behaviour in our daily life but mental illness leads to dementia and mental health. A person who is unable to think positively, unable to live their life positively due to anxiety, depression from long term, obsessive compulsive disorder, drug addiction will lead to mental illness. Psychiatric profession is to treat patients diagnosed with mental illness using their therapeutic skills. They provide individual counselling to patients and their families. Treatments involved are psychotherapy (talking therapy), medication (although it only improves symptoms but not cure disorder), self-help ( our own lifestyles, reduce alcohol intake, proper sleeping time, exercising regularly ).


  • Track 8-1SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
  • Track 8-2Major depressions
  • Track 8-3Anxiety disorder
  • Track 8-4Schizophrenia disorder
  • Track 8-5Psychiatric nurse
  • Track 8-6Cognitive mental illness

Nurses focuses on critically ill patients following extensive injury, accidents and life threatening diseases. Critical care Nurses should have sharp clinical assessment skills, understanding of human anatomy. They know the use of life saving equipment. Emergency medicines are the medical help given to patients in urgent need during accidents, illness and injuries. It involves the emergency care as initial evaluation, diagnosis; treatment coordination of involves multiple modes of providing emergency treatment as ER medical response vehicles, telemedicine at disaster sites and emergency sites. Research in medical research to get either innovative or alternative solution better than which currently exists.


  • Track 9-1Health system
  • Track 9-2Emergency department
  • Track 9-3Intensive care units
  • Track 9-4Health regulation

Public health is the practice to improve the quality of life through prevention and treatment of diseases of rural and urban community. Public health is categorised into primary (sub centres and primary health centres), secondary (community health centres, sub-district hospitals), tertiary (medical colleges, district hospitals). They monitor, diagnose and investigate health problems of community. Public health programmes organised by organising authority reducing the health related problems informing them through education and empowerment. It will help in Protection from adverse events related to human health after exposure to adverse environment. health services research to come up with new  innovative primary care solutions of health problems. Effective, safe and people centred qualities of health services leads to patient safety.


  • Track 10-1E –health
  • Track 10-2Safety attitude
  • Track 10-3Health psychology
  • Track 10-4Epidemiology and bio-statics
  • Track 10-5Social care

Healthcare management supervises the function of healthcare organisation and managing the entire health organisation. They ensure the flexibility in running health services, resolves issues within the hospitals. It helps in maintaining good connection with doctors, nurses. Healthcare manager also ensure the department of billing, budgets. It manages the, accounting facilities to run smoothly. Manager ensures efficiently growth of organisation, financial strength and medical quality. Manager must have qualities like communication skills, financial skills, innovative thinking, professionalism, self-confidence, strategic orientation and team leadership. They should rapidly change their terminology and practice if not going well. The main aim of healthcare manager for mutual growth and development.


  • Track 11-1International health
  • Track 11-2Maternal and child health
  • Track 11-3Health facilities
  • Track 11-4Health communication


<p justify;\"="" style="text-align: justify;">Community health nurses focuses mainly on communities, small to large towns, urban  areas to even entire country. Once they ignored in the absence of community nurse, it will   lead to massive destruction via spreading through multiple modes of transmission.  They may provide health education, community advocacy, policy reform, ensuring safe and healthy environment. They should consider the cultural beliefs, environment factors, socioeconomic factors, and lifestyles of community before educating them about health related problems. They plan to address the health, safety, nutritional issues. The main aim of community nursing is to keep our community healthy and disease free through organising programmes, giving them pamphlets, flyers, to attract them towards the preventive awareness principles.

  • Track 12-1Totality and integrity
  • Track 12-2Beneficence
  • Track 12-3Fidelity
  • Track 12-4Non-maleficence
  • Track 12-5Ethical principles

Care at a medical establishment to victims with major and minor injuries during its serious conditions termed as emergency nursing. Lack of feelings, emotions, no control on itself makes the person disable to functional normal and recognised as trauma. Stabilisation and transfer is the crucial role as decision making, patients must be stabilised before departure to other high level of operating theatre. Before departure to other centres planning and preparation is must. Emergency care Nurses specialist who majorly focused on patients need at their critical conditions or life threatening conditions to treat them as early as they can do to prevent persistent diseases or death. They should treat patients at any age .They are skilled to level of recognising the acute problems and able to resolve them to stabilize it immediately after recognition.

  • Track 13-1Nurse anesthetist
  • Track 13-2Transport registered nursing
  • Track 13-3Advanced triage
  • Track 13-4Emergency medicines